Eric Guigné, CEO at Polarys, is sharing his experience of the middle east

Eric Guigné, CEO at Polarys, is sharing his experience of the middle east : The Data Revolution

Eric Guigné, CEO at PolarysWhat is at stake ?

The starting point comes for the government’s efforts to diversify their local economy (transition from Oil and Gas).

The governments decided an agressiv investment strategy with strict rules of engagement : “an expansive portfolio of highly diversified asset classes, in order to help diversify our nation’s economy and help local companies gain an international footprint, bringing international companies into our country through joint ventures, building up local skills and creating jobs. As the founders said from the beginning, these sovereign huge funds work for the future generations of their country. Therefore, they need to invest with caution (protecting the wealth) target good returns, and keep an absolute control over these numerous investments.

Their activities are wide and diversified covering a large range of asset classes, including quoted equities, fixed income, real estate, private equity and infrastructure, in almost all regions of the world and in almost all vertical sectors (excluding some specific verticals considered as non ethical and banned).

In terms on Information Technology, what are the consequences ?

When you have so many investments in so many diverse sectors, in so many countries and currencies, through so many GP… It is a true challenge to have a detailed vision of each and every dollar invested, while keeping an eye on the big international trends, in order to catch the best wave and stay away from the risks.

The diversity of the investments, direct and  indirect generates huge amount of data, but not easy to compare, to analyze and to control. Sometimes too many information kill the information…

All these data they own are a unique opportunity for understanding the market.

What is POLARYS offering for these challenges ?

POLARYS helps these sovereign fund leverage on all the treasure data they have collected ! Polarys started in the Middle East in 2013 and is serving its clients for more than 5 years now. This is the witness of the confidence and satisfaction of our clients over the long term.

There is a very warm relationship between POLARYS and its clients in this region.

Our experts help our clients in different ways :

  • Business Analyst for helping project to adapt the constant evolutions of the business community needs.From the development through testing, training and delivering robust solution for capturing data.
  • Expertise on the data governance : adapt data flow, optimize data loading, ensure consistency, define best practices, get better performances,
  • Expertise in reporting and dashboard.

Our clients are very exigent and very keen on the agile methodology, because they want to remain very reactive for serving their business leaders as quickly as possible, while bringing constant innovations.

More than anywhere else on the planet, the expectations for reliability, and confidentiality is at the top in this region.

And our challenge is to ensure this robustness and bring innovations to catch up with our technological evolving world.

What is your next step in this region ?

We share the same vision : Performance itself is not enough, benchmarking is key to understanding reality.

We are working of very exciting plans around benchmarking… and predictive with the new technologies involving data science, and IA.

(stay tuned, more to come…)

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