eFront & Data Science solutions by Polarys

eFront & Data Science solutions by Polarys

Over the last 15 years, eFront has been helping the Private Equity companies to capture, store and manage their information for improving their process and mesure their performance.

For several years now, to facilitate optimal use of the information at-hand in eFront, the Polarys group, a partner, worked with a number of eFront customers to set up reporting and analysis solutions.
Today, Polarys is pushing data processing a step further for more impact, by means of Data Science.

For a more state-of-the-art approach, Polarys designs architectures and implements Data Lakes, that are more agile data warehouses, in comparison to traditional databases:

– Broader spectrum since they can record all types of files (Word, Excel, PDF, images, transaction logs, etc.) and use the intel regardless of the format, also the cost associated with storage is much lower than traditional databases, which means uncapped recording of internal or external data

– More agile because the files are saved in raw format, then transformed for one or more use cases, also various applications are built up every day on the foundation of the data: real-time tags and alerts for fraud detection, performance management tools or predictive applications related to Data Science
Polarys is an expert in “Deep Learning”, meaning the implementation of Artificial Neural Networks, powerful algorithms that, after a learning phase, are able to make very accurate predictions.
The combination of the power of engineering and statistics allows for augmented investment decisions and value creation; this being the core competency of Polarys Group, we have been supporting businesses in the field of Private Equity since 2003 and analyzing their data.

To explore how Data Lake and Deep Learning can help you go faster and further, write to our Data Science experts: datascience@polarys.com or exchange with the Polarys experts at the event (see article on the back).

Arnaud Lievin, Head of Data Science at POLARYS

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