Woash the educational platform chooses Polarys to boost their performance and customer loyalty


“Provide a personalized and more motivating learning environment to ensure in order to ensure an even faster progression.”

That is why W​oash was created, the first platform of private lessons by personality matching, t​ his collaborative website dedicated to the educational’s world, it can find the training you want with the particular teacher you’ve always dreamed of.

How does Woash do that ?

The team, made up of pedagogical experts, identifies the ideal teacher adapted to the personality and the educational sensitivity of each student in favor of a reinforced educational experience, where the human remains the key factor of a successful learning.

It is in this process of realization and industrialization of such a matching that Woash solicited Polarys, company specializing in the data intelligence and more precisely in the Data Science field.

The aim : Get its know-how combined with the latest market technologies towards stand out from its competitors.

How an algorithm allows the good profils to be linking ?

Polarys experts simulate, due to artificial intelligence tools proposed by Google, an algorithm self-learner which allows to identifies the appropriate profiles in order to find a perfect student-teacher combination.

The ambition is clear, achieve to reproduce this chemistry so special, as the “FAVORITE TEACHER” that we all have in mind, met by chance during our schooling, who boosted our desire to learn and progress. This is the memory, this Proust Madeleine, who led all the Woash team alongside Polarys to find the way to reproduce this feeling of well-being and to share the experience with the greatest number of people.

Along with a clinician psychologist, Woash and Polarys build behavior analysis questionnaires that allows to the artificial intelligence to learn to understand and also to predict behaviours in order to better associate them.

“It was essential for us to choose an adaptable and agile partner! A partner for whom it is important to understand the business issues we face, and to enhance in a optimum way our data assets, in order to make Woash an intelligent platform who responds and satisfies the expectations of its users. Thanks to the combination of all these expertise, we will further refine our matching personality process. We think going far beyond the expectations of the market”​ Confirms Cyril Florio, CEO of Woash.

For this project, we chose an IAAS approach, in that way we have retained Google solutions in which we work completely anonymous data, each data is analysed in real time to allow refine the matching algorithms and better predict behaviours” confirm Romain Loury, Data Science consultant at Polarys.

Result: It is for us, students and teachers more fulfilled who make the unique success of Woash. We expect forward to continue our collaboration with Polarys to extend even more the capacities of our platform in order to continuously improve the efficiency of the educational courses that we offer.” Concludes Cyril Florio.

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