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New challenges for Private Equity

Today, the Private Equity world faces complex challenge. With growing competition, geopolitical uncertainties and growing stakeholder expectations, the market is keeping a close eye on private equity firms, holding companies and investment funds, holding them to deliver results.

For these actors, analyzing complex data sets and swift decision-making is of the essence. For years now, funds have been processing countless data in-house, but decision-makers still struggle to trust data, causing delays in responses, in decisive moment for investment.



As the historical core expertise of Polarys, data intelligence solution implementation for our clients is successfully carried out by our team of passionate, talented and experienced consultants.

This expertise is shared among specialized project teams organized by technologies or business segment mastery. Whether supporting your needs through ongoing or one-shot contracts, using classic or agile methods, Polarys consultants apply their know-how to ensure effective delivery of customized solutions for our clients via our different service centers.



  • IT System master plan
  • Business Intelligence system audit
  • Big Data & Innovation
  • Project Management


  • Machine & Deep learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • Interactive analysis
  • Cloud Data Laking


  • Strategic Management
  • Financial reporting
  • Planning & forecasting
  • Cost & Profitability management


  • Support (support, on call)
  • Maintenance (preventive, corrective, evolutionary)
  • Recette (application, functional)

Why choose Polarys of your project ?

Technical expertise on our partner solutions
Strong expertise in Private Equity 
A bilingual and mobile team


We maintain close ties with the industry’s frontrunners in terms of technology and BI tools to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of developments at all times and to enable us to better guide our clients in making the smartest choices every step of the way.

“eFront has been partnering with POLARYS for more than 10 years and we have a long history of successful collaboration. Driving a project towards success in the Alternative Investments space is always a challenge. Our Clients have tremendous time constraints, constant change in their ecosystem, strong competition in their field and regulation is constantly evolving. POLARYS helps our Clients to scope their projects with efficient Business Analysts aiming to secure successful outcome to our common projects. Their IT consultants bring in a broad set of skills to help us deploy eFront’s offering within our Clients’ Information Systems. These encompasses interfaces, data migration, process redefinition/optimization and more specifically reporting and deploying analytical solutions using modules like eFront DataWarehouse or eFrontInsight as well as third-party tools certified against eFront open architecture. We share the same goal with POLARYS: satisfied Clients using extensively our solutions and it works!”
Tarek Chouman

CEO at eFront

CEO of eFront


In response to the high demand for Private Equity support in the UAE, Polarys created a dedicated office in 2014, located in Abu Dhabi. Polarys can therefore guide clients locally in handling targeted issues and also offer consultants the opportunity to undertake diverse, international missions.

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