Polarys-Alteryx partnership: A common objective: revolutionize client use of data analysis

Polarys and Alteryx are delighted to announce their partnership on the Data Science and Machine Learning market.


Whether they are data experts or not, business users have unique requirements in data analysis and are looking for easy solutions to complex problems.  Polarys and Alteryx have chosen to join forces on the Data Science market to meet these client needs and change how they use data analysis.


Alteryx is an advanced analysis platform that facilitates access to and exploration of increasingly complex and ever-growing data. This user-centric platform is designed for Data Analysts, Data Scientists and business users, to revolutionize their activities. For its part, Polarys is the partner businesses turn to for their data transformation. For many years, the group has been helping businesses through consulting, implementation and maintenance of data intelligence projects.

And to cope with new client analysis requirements, Polarys developed its Data Prep & Data Visualization offer. Since the offer’s launch, Jean-Luc Coisnon, Data Viz Manager at Polarys, has seen a growing passion for the market. He explains:

Over the last few years, data preparation and visualization have become really key to understanding and quickly analyzing data. There are many advantages in today’s context of digital transformation and permanent change. Providers users with more agile tools is essential.

Faced with new client requirements, we wanted to offer an intuitive and innovative solution that helps businesses easily access their data and quickly create reports, that’s why we chose Alteryx.

Raphael Savy, Southern Europe Director at Alteryx, welcomes the new partnership.

“We are delighted to have Polarys as one of our new partners. The combination of Alteryx and Polarys’ expertise represents an undeniable asset for pursuing our development in France.”

With this partnership, Polarys and Alteryx will deliver in-depth and precise data analysis to their clients. Companies from all over the world use Alteryx and Polarys every day to revolutionize their data analysis use.

Pour plus d’informations sur Alteryx : www.alteryx.com/fr

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